WAV Play Transcription Tool

Copyright 2001 by Wesley R. Elsberry

UPDATE 2023-07-19

Besides this program probably not working on recent Windows versions, there are better ways to get this done now.

I recommend that you use the 'Whisper' speech-to-text AI models for transcription via the 'Whisper.cpp' code. It's fast, it does a good job on generic English, and is MIT-licensed.

If you want to go at it old-school, yeah, here is my stuff from way back when...

Coded in a hurry in Delphi 5. Should work under Win32 platforms (Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP).

Provides a way to play short segments of WAV files repeatedly, with automatic advance after a user-specified number of times played. This allows accurate transcription of audio materials while the user concentrates on the typing, rather than flipping back and forth between a text editor and a WAV playback application.

Starving (now ex-)Student-Ware. If you find my WAV Transcription Tool useful, send me congratulations at welsberr@onlinezoologists.com, or better yet, drop me what you think it was worth to you at my PayPal account.

The software is provided with NO WARRANTY. It works on my system, but I can't guarantee what it will do on yours. Try it at your own risk.

Download the WAV Transcription Tool. (MD5 (wvplay.exe) = ee4aaa5cb4035d48ae74eb3fc7b635dd)

How to Use the WAV Transcription Tool