Dolphin Doctor

By Dr. Sam Ridgway

I was almost finished. Wally pointed to the only dolphin left to examine -- the skinny one with the crescent-shaped scar. First Mo grabbed the animal around the chest, just behind the flippers. Then Bill Scronce and Marty latched onto the tail behind the dorsal fin. Unexpectedly the dolphin recoiled. With his snout, he swatted Mo on the head, knocking him backward into the pool. With his tail flukes, the dolphin flailed Marty's shins and knocked him headlong into the water. Bill received several body blows in the melee and disappeared briefly under the murk.

About ten minutes of thrashing, splashes, bites, and bruises followed. Finally, the skinny dolphin with the scar lay still on the rubber pad with four men draped across him. I hurriedly gave him his vitamin injection and inserted my thermometer. Struck by the spectacle of our crew battered by a single dolphin, Wally began to laugh. "At least we have a name for this dolphin now," he said. "From now on, he's Tuf Guy."

2nd Edition - illustrated, softcover, 136 pages.

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