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The FinScan Project


A TAMUG Marine Mammal Research Program project funded by the TEA ARP.

PI: Phil Levin

Graduate Students: Wesley Elsberry, Amela Kreho, Dave Weller

Co-PIs: Bill Evans, Bernd Wursig

Consultants: Diane Blackwood, Gil Hillman, Andy Schiro

Andy Schiro on the lookout for dolphin dorsal fins. Getting usable photos of dolphin dorsal fins is a specialty of the TAMUG MMRP.

ARP proposal text: Computer Assisted Photo-identification of Individual Bottlenose Dolphins

FINSCAN history: The writing and funding of a research proposal.

960415: Test slides of five dolphins have been scanned, and are available as JPEG images in the C:\FINSCAN directory on Dr. Levin's lab computer.

960326: WRE tried out the slide scanner on several of the test slides, with good success.

960322 Status: Slide scanner and CPU back in Levin's lab.

960308 Status: Evaluation of scanning process and initial image massage, testing of database engine.

Evaluating Optimas 5.1 and NIH Image software as image enhancement and preprocessing tools.

Database by Hemant uses approximate match techniques, has been tested on preliminary set of Defran Index entries.

Scanner and CPU in Levin's lab are at Meyer Instruments for repair, expected back after spring break.