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Texas A&M Graduate Study Spot Available: Conservation Biology

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Opportunity Description:

Texas A&M University, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries offers a 2-year Graduate Research Assistant position, available to begin August 2006. The successful candidate will have a strong academic record and research interests in collaboration with a multidisciplinary project in conservation science. The position is ideal for a student with a social science background wishing to work in the field of conservation biology, who is seeking cross-training in the natural sciences. Experience in theory and skills of naturalistic inquiry are desirable.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, this research focuses on how science policy is mediated in land conservation associated with land trusts. A central question is how local, regional and global perspectives on biodiversity become linked in the place-based settings associated with protected areas. This place-based research strategy is a logical extension of landscape approaches to understanding behavioral ecology of animal populations. The research team is led by an applied anthropologist and a conservation biologist, who is cross-trained in behavioral ecology and cognitive sciences. The assistant will be expected to complete a graduate research project coordinated with one aspect of the research question.

The position requires enrollment in the graduate program at the Master's level, with flexibility for advancement pending successful competition for a fellowship or other matching funds. The student will receive a stipend, benefits and tuition. To apply, send letter of interest, resume, transcripts and three letters of reference to the contact person listed below (email encouraged). Review of candidates will begin in May.

Dr. J.M. Packard
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77845-2258