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About Wesley R. Elsberry

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Title: Information Project Director, National Center for Science Education

Education: Ph.D., Texas A&M University (Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences)
M.S.C.S., U. of Texas at Arlington (Computer Science)
B.S., U. of Florida (Zoology)

Wesley R. Elsberry has an eclectic background in both education and work. Dr. Elsberry's research interests include biosonar signal production and physiology in bottlenose dolphins, the effects of sound on marine mammals, cognition and behavior, artificial neural systems, and evolutionary computation. His work has included medical, veterinary, and biological research, software design and production, statistical consulting, hyperbaric medicine, photojournalism, and studio photography. His avocations include SCUBA diving, photography, and falconry. Dr. Elsberry is an expert on the history and rhetoric of antievolution, and coordinates the TalkOrigins Archive ( His interest in the socio-political phenomenon of antievolution dates back to 1986. Since then, he has been active in opposing misinformation disseminated by antievolutionists.

Suggested Honorarium: $500

Topics: For the general public:
Intelligent Design in a Nutshell
An Examination of the "Design Inference"
The Lysenko Affair: Why Politically-Determined Biology is a Threat
A Look at the Law and Antievolution
What are the Odds? The Probability Arguments of Antievolution

For scientists and teachers:
What Scientists and Teachers Should Know about Antievolution
"Were You There?" and Other Antievolutionary Mind Games

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